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Treating your body right is one of the easiest ways to put your mind at ease. Facials and exterior treatments can help you relax your mind and de-stress during the most difficult times. Bama Tan Salon offers a wide range of services, including Body Sculpting using the LIPO Melt & Cavi Technology, Lumiere facials using red light therapy, tanning (bed and airbrush options) and hair salon services.

Give your body the love and care it deserves. Book an appointment with us today by calling 205-462-2115.

Save money by buying multiple facials

Getting routine facials can help your skin stay nourished and healthy for years to come. When you visit our salon for treatments, you can save money by purchasing your Lumiere facials in bulk.

When you choose Bama Tan Salon, you can get...

Tanning Products

California Tan

Designer Skin

Swedish Beauty

Ed Hardy

Spa Packages

Level II

Monthly $55
Clubtan $45
1 Visit $8.80
5 Visits $44
10 Visits $66
20 Visits $99

150 mins $75
300 mins $95

Level III

Monthly $66
Clubtan $55
1 Visit $11
5 Visits $55
10 Visits $88
20 Visits $110

150 mins $88
300 mins $110

Level IIII

Monthly $75
Clubtan $65
1 Visit $15
5 Visits $60
10 Visits $99
20 Visits $140

150 mins $100
300 mins $140


1 Visit $10
5 Visits $44
10 Visits $75
20 Visits $125

Additional Services

Walk in Sauna / Chromotherapy

Walk in Sauna / Chromotherapy

Let's talk Chromotherapy - What is it?
Color therapy used to calm the nervous system, treat insomnia .. it stimulates production of white blood cells, eliminates toxins and heals inflammation.

Air-brush Spraytan

Air-brush Spraytan

Our Salon & SPA's have been doing Airbrush tans for over 20 years and we only use the top of the line Norvell solution.

Additional Services

Teeth Whitening Lamp

Teeth Whitening Lamp

15-20 minute adjustable timer suitable for any brand of tooth whitening gel..
Unique semi-circular head design for both arches to be whitened at the same time.
You may purchase whitening gel with your session or your welcome to bring
your own gel and only purchase a light session.

Detox Station

Detox Station

Advocates claim that a foot detox removes toxins and heavy metals from the body through the feet.
Supporters of this method claim that a foot detox may also benefit a person by:

  • balancing the body's pH
  • reducing swelling
  • boosting mood
  • relieving stress
  • increasing immunity to illness
  • aiding weight loss
  • improving heart health
  • destroying harmful microorganisms

All Minutes and Visits expire in 6 months

We Accept Bama Cash

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What We Offer

Airbrush (Use Norvel Airbrush Solution) tanning
Body Sculpting using LIPO Melt Technology
Lypo ment and cavi
Hair Specialist (Color, Cuts, etc)
Hair Removal Treatment (Sticks to hair, not to skin)
Lumiere Facials (deliver red light energy into the skin, It helps to transform and improve the overall texture and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
Teeth Whitening
Full Body Red Light Therapy
Body Detox